Patient Participation Group

This group was formed to work with our practice to offer patient understanding on the depth of services provided by Melbourne Park Medical Centre (MPMC).

We expect our group to:

  • Determine its own activities to suit the needs of our community and practice.
  • Encourage patients and MPMC to contribute to continuous improvement of services and improve communications.
  • Co-operate with MPMC to build a better understanding between the practice and patients and share information, thus encouraging patients to be more responsible for their own health.
  • Assist the GPs to develop a partnership with patients and to increase patient priorities, needs and wishes.

At the present time our PPG has 12 members that represent a balance of patients across the population of the practice, but we are open for anyone who wishes to take an active part, we are all unpaid volunteers.

PPG is not a forum for complaints or a vehicle for patients to resolve personal issues; these should and will be directed through the existing channels.

If you think you would like to be a part of our PPG and be able to influence the future of your healthcare provision please leave your contact details at reception and we will let you know the date of the next PPG meeting.